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November 8-10, 2019

2019 Event


This year we will be hosting our BRAND NEW PONY SHOW!

The Pony Show will allow each member up to five minutes each to show us their best!  There is no pre-set routine for the pony show.  Come and show us a skit that will make people cheer, laugh, cry, or all of the above!

~ Carts will be on location for Ponies who wish to use them.
~ There are trails that are on the property. Cart rides can be given by the ponies to whomever may want one ~ just ask the pony or the handler if they are not busy with somebody else.



We will run three types of races starting at 10 o’clock and we should be done by 2 o’clock.

  • 1. A standard thorough bred style race around an oval track. We will run ponies in heats of 4 at a time therefore being able to run multiple races to bet on.

  • 2. Steeplechase race run on the same track but with jumps set up around the track. Same scenario for ponies run per heat.

  • 3. Harness racing more ponies are pulling carts around the oval track. Just as in original harness racing ponies must remain in a trot.

For the races:
~ Each spectator/trainer/handler is given $100 monopoly money when arriving at the event. This money will be used for betting on the ponies and an auction. It can also be used to buy certain things around the event, like hiring a hot walker, groom or getting someone to lunge your pony, trading it for pony treats, getting "stud service," whatever you can come up with so long as the other person agrees to sell/buy it.

~ Ponies will be led into the ring one by one and walked around. The MC will announce each pony's name and number as they enter. People can get a look at them and place their bets. Ponies are then taken to the starting gate/line and raced. Winner is taken to the Winner's Circle for photos and awards.

~ Afterwards (if agreed to by all) ponies are auctioned off for a play date! They will have a list of what is or is not okay for them, however long they're willing to do the play date for, etc.

(~ If you want to play the corrupt side of racing... pay someone to "rig" the race, pay someone else to interrogate/catch them, be a trainer that pushes your pony too hard, shock your pony to run faster, "drug" your pony (basically replicating drugging with a candy or food.), etc. Don't actually cheat or push anyone beyond their limits. Be sure and negotiate ahead of time. :p This is just for the fun of those who like the "bad guy" role play).

~ For those ponies that show up who cannot run, we will have a show pony class.

At 2:30 we will have a puppy agility course competition for those puppies that wish to complete.

~ After dinner Wolf1333 will be around to do demos and will be there for fire play, violet wand, or other classes depending on what the crowd is interested in.


On Sunday at 10:00am we will do a fox hunt if anyone is interested.

For any other kinksters interested the dungeon: it will be open all day and night Friday, Saturday, and Sunday under the small oak tree. This will be available for anyone to use. See more info below under "Events for Other Kinksters").

Also Available

~ There is a 4-wheel buggy that is set up to be pulled by a team of 2 ponies. Anyone that wishes to try their skills at driving a team is welcome too. Or if your a pony or want to be a pony and try pulling as a team, you are also welcome to give it a go. There will have an obstacle course set up to drive. There are 2 two-wheel carts that are also available for anyone to use.
~ If you want to try pony play but don't have any tack, no problem there will be plenty of equipment there to get you all set up. If you want your own tack you can buy some from Foxy or even have it custom made.



~ We will have games set up for the puppies (plus the puppy agility course on Sat. @ 2:30pm - see above) and other Furries to enjoy. Some of the games will be combined with the pony events. We can do thinks like pony cart sprint races where the furries get to drive the cart and pony in a short race.


~ An outdoor dungeon will be set up for anyone to use with bonded furniture hit points from the trees and hard points for suspension this will be open for use the entire weekend.

~ The in-ground swimming pool will also be available for swimming in the entire weekend although it may be a little cool depending on the weather at that time. However, the hot tub will be heated nightly starting at 4 PM.

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